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Help for YOU and your LOVED ONES

Integrating The Best of Therapy and Tech 

TheraTech Tx integrates cutting edge research and technologies into the traditional treatment process. We provide free access to a library of stress management wearables that are safe, effective, and help calm down the brain in real time. We utilize traditional, evidence-based treatments to address a wide variety of presenting concerns for individuals, couples, and families.     

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Building Resilience

TheraTech Tx understands that in order to change the MIND we must first calm the BODY and BRAIN

We focus on the physiology of the stress response, utilizing the science of neuroplasticity to fine-tune and enhance your resilience skills

We focus on building the health of your BODY and your Brain so it can improve the health of your MIND

Reach Out

95 W 100 S

SUITE  126

LOGAN, UT 84321

To schedule call Central Billing:  

(435) 792-3708


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