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Stacy Jones, PhD, LMFT

Owner, CEO

Dr. Stacy Jones is a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in trauma. She is an EMDR therapist who has worked nearly the entire spectrum of the mental health system, including proctore care, youth residential treatment centers in both the juvenile justice system and private pay sector, wilderness therapy, group private practice, and solo private practice. Stacy is passionate about helping the stressed brain to heal. Using technologies aimed at calming the fight or flight response, Stacy is passionate about harnessing the brain's nueroplasticty to enhance healing.  


Tricia Danielson, LMFT


Nicole Smith



Tricia is a Marriage and Family Therapist trained in EMDR. She works from a primarily solution-focused orientation, that is, helping you identify what it is that you would really like to have become different in your life  and then decide what skills and resources you can use to make that happen. You are the expert on yourself and can recognize what is best for you. At times it may feel that you don't know, and that is where my job comes into play. I will help you to recognize the knowledge you already have, listen to your instincts, and recognize  what you are already doing that is working. I work most often with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I integrate EMDR, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) models into my use of Solution Focused therapy as they can be very effective at reducing  the emotional weight tied to negative events in your life, and help you become more confident in yourself and your ability to handle the stress of life. 


Nicole is a passionate and committed therapist dedicated to helping her clients achieve their desired goals. She is originally from Orem, Utah but moved to Logan to earn her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Utah State University. Nicole felt driven to become an MFT, recognizing the power of counseling to transform the lives of those who engage in it. Therapy is a sacred space and Nicole savors each experience she shares in clients' journeys as they change and grow. She devotedly works with her clients to create a safe and accepting therapy-room environment and believes a strong therapeutic connection is a key factor in promoting change. She has facilitated and witnessed  significant therapeutic growth and believes in every client's ability to change. Her therapeutic interests primarily include working with anxiety, depression, self-esteem challenges, relational communication or conflict, and trauma. She loves to work with couples, teenagers, children, and families. Nicole is genuinely committed to serving her clients and wants the very best for them.

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